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Still a Player

Cliff Sexton, 100, a long-standing resident of Perth retirement village St Ives in Kallaroo, WA, has been with KinCare for a year and often performs for his carers.

Exit fees and what you should know

The Government's recent Increasing Choice in Home Care reforms make it easier for you as a customer to move between providers based on your support needs. But if you are thinking of changing providers, it's important to know that you may now be charged an exit fee by your provider.

In Home Care Government Changes

Due to the recent Increasing Choice in Home Care reforms, older Australians now have greater freedom than ever before to choose a home care provider and the services received. Find out how these changes could affect you.

Techno Marvel

At 102, Charles Lawson is living proof that you’re never too old to learn new tricks. This charming Perth pensioner recently mastered how to use an iPad, and, he says, it’s transformed his life.