Aged Care

Upgrade your funding package

If your situation changes and you require a little more support to continue living comfortably at home, you may be eligible to upgrade from the Commonwealth Home Support Programme to a Home Care Package. KinCare can help you understand what’s involved and what services and supports are right for you.

Moving to a Home Care Package with KinCare

A Home Care Package with KinCare will give you the services and supports you need to stay living at home longer through a co-ordinated long-term plan, tailored to your needs.

If you realise the services you receive under your Commonwealth Home Support Programme are not quite meeting your needs, we can work with you to find what services and supports are better for you. With a good understanding of where you need support, we can guide you through the assessment and upgrade process with My Aged Care.

What are the differences in the funding options?

Both the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and a Home Care Package give you support to stay at home, but there are differences in the level of support you receive.

With the CHSP, you:

  • choose from a set menu of services with limited flexibility;
  • only pay for the services you use;
  • can dip in and out of the programme as you need different services.

With a Home Care Package:

  • an expert KinCare Care Manager guides you through the system and will partner with you to create a care plan to suit your needs;
  • you get your own funds to use and can decide how to spend it, rather than choosing from a menu;
  • you have the flexibility to change your services in seasonal times;
  • you have the option to use your funding on products as well as services, such as safety equipment for the home;
  • once you have a package, it stays in place for the long term.

A Home Care Package can assist you with:

Outdoor maintenance, for example, mowing lawns, gardening, cleaning windows and gutters

Nursing and allied health services

Technology skills so you can stay connected to family and friends

Transport to take you shopping, on outings or to medical appointments

KinCare won’t charge you upgrade or exit fees

At KinCare, we make it as easy as possible for you to choose the most suitable provider for your needs. We focus on delivering a great service tailored to you so we are the provider that you’ll choose to stay with. We’ll never charge you upgrade or exit fees and you’ll never be locked into a service with us. Did you know that other providers charge up to $5000 in fees? KinCare doesn’t charge fees.

Accessing a Home Care Package

The application process for a Home Care Package is quick and easy. We’ve outlined the process in five easy steps. If you need help along the way, our friendly team is just a phone call or email away.

How to apply