Aged Care

How in-home aged care and residential care are different

Do I need to go into residential care?

No! Whether you need help around the house, support connecting with your community or high-level medical care, KinCare can provide you with 24/7 support in your own home.

Read more about the differences between in-home aged care and residential care, so you can choose what is best to support your needs and lifestyle or that of your elderly loved one.

In-home Care
  • Allows you to continue living independently in your own home
  • Your care is tailored to your individual needs
  • You can access support to meet basic, low, intermediate or high care needs

A recent Australian Government survey found 83 per cent of people over 60 would prefer to stay living in their own home as they get older.

With just the right amount of extra support and care, staying in your own home can mean maintaining your independence for longer. Whether it’s a few hours of domestic help a week, support to go shopping, or daily nursing care, in-home care services can give you choice over the type of care you need and want to receive.

Residential Care
  • Involves moving from your home into long-term accommodation where support and care is provided
  • Typically, there are three options: retirement villages and over 55’s communities; assisted care facilities; and nursing homes

A recent Australian Government survey found six per cent of people over 60 would prefer to live in a retirement village in their older years. Only one per cent would prefer to live in a residential aged care facility.

Residential care is often the choice for those finding it tough to live independently. Different options provide different levels of care. Retirement villages and over 55’s communities offer more independence; assisted care facilities provide some support; and nursing homes provide high level care, specialised medical help and end of life care.

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