Category: Customer stories

A lifetime hobby for Chris motivates him to live his life to the full, every single day

Chris, now aged in his 70s, was a young man when he first encountered an aviary full of budgerigars. It was the start of a love affair that has lasted a lifetime, bringing him endless joy and satisfaction.

Tales from our Customer Joachim

Joachim has lived an amazing life, growing up in Germany before moving to Australia in 1951 to work on the Hydro Dam Project in Tasmania. The 92-year-old loves to share stories about all his adventures and misadventures.

Marion keeps on moving!

When our Queensland Customer Marion noticed her sight was starting to deteriorate due to macular degeneration, she took steps to ensure it wouldn’t slow her down.

Community Award for community icon

KinCare team member Rachel says the variety each shift and the appreciation and gratitude she receives from her Customers – is what makes being a KinCare Community Nurse the perfect role for her.

A sewing surprise for Stephanie!

Our Customers love to show their Home Care Workers how much they appreciate their support and care. Rosanna from Western Australia, surprised her KinCare worker, Stephanie, with a beautiful handsewn reading cushion!

Merle and Rick get an honorary granddaughter

KinCare Customers, Merle and Rick, first met Keenor when she was just two years old. The couple befriended Keenor’s family, who had come to Australia from Ghana, and were soon helping out by picking Keenor up from daycare when her parents were busy at work.

Reward for a life of service

KinCare Customer David was recently acknowledged for his tireless community work when Kingborough Council in Tasmania awarded him Citizen of the Year.

Bright as a button

Our Customer Joyce recently celebrated her 101st birthday with some quiet festivities. Described by her daughter Zoane as “bright as a button”, Joyce still lives in her family home on the NSW Central Coast and is certainly an inspiration to us all.

Our hospital to home transition service aids your recovery

KinCare’s hospital to home transition service gave Catherine access to the care and support she needed at home to regain her confidence and independence.

Stories and memories, printed in a life story memory book

Our Customer, Sent, has had an amazing life. In 1954, he arrived in Australia at just 19 years old with nothing more than an empty suitcase and the clothes on his back.

Teamwork makes all the difference

After a stay in hospital, our Customer Joan wanted to return to her beloved home. She had missed the care and friendship provided by her family and team of KinCare Home Care Workers.

A life well-travelled helping others

Our Customer Dr Antony Radford has met Prince Charles and Mother Theresa, held a medical clinic on the Amazon River, taught Burmese students on the run from the militia, worked among refugees on the Thai-Cambodia border, and published two books!