Looking after the wellbeing of our staff

by KinCare — 29 August 2022

We know the past few years have been challenging for everyone – at work and at home. We also understand that providing a supportive workplace is one way we can encourage our team members to seek early help or take a proactive approach to supporting their own wellbeing.

That’s why we provide a range of staff benefits that promote and encourage positive mental health, including partnering with leading mental health organisations, Communicorp and Assure.

Now, with the help of these partners, we’re doing even more and launching a new Healthy Minds program with 15 Healthy Minds Ambassadors fully trained to support staff across the organisation.

Through this peer-based support program, we’re aiming to build a sense of belonging and community in the KinCare workplace and to encourage social connection and support across the organisation.

Read on to find out more about the program and how KinCare supports the health and wellbeing of its staff.

What are Healthy Minds Ambassadors?

KinCare’s Healthy Minds Ambassadors are permanent team members who have volunteered to champion KinCare’s wellbeing initiatives, be a referral point for other staff in need of support and provide basic support and psychological first aid to team members.

We currently have 15 Healthy Minds Ambassadors who have been selected by a panel of representatives from KinCare, with support from a Communicorp psychologist. These ambassadors have completed training with a registered psychologist, including independent learning activities and skills-based workshop activities.

In addition to learning about the role of a Healthy Minds Ambassador, the training included psychological first aid using the ‘Look, Listen, Link’ model, understanding and managing the risk of self-harm, suicide and critical incidents at work, learning self-care strategies and plans and understanding where to go for ongoing support.

There's a role for you in aged care

If you’re looking for the kind of job that will make a difference to people’s lives, working at KinCare could be perfect for you. And at KinCare, we make sure our employees are recognised and supported for their very special work, providing training, flexible hours, rewards, and peer support through our Healthy Minds program.

How Healthy Minds Ambassadors can help

Our Healthy Minds Ambassadors can be the first point of contact for team members who may be struggling with work-related or personal difficulties. As trained volunteers, they are able to provide confidential, informal short-term assistance and support. They can also link team members to professional services if required.

Our ambassadors come from all different departments and locations across KinCare. They have been selected because they are great listeners and have a passion for helping others.

We know there are times when something at work or in a person’s private life can have a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. When this happens, talking to somebody you trust can make a big difference – reducing stress, strengthening your immune system and helping to reduce physical and emotional distress.

Some people choose to talk to a family member, friend or manager or even access KinCare’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Now, our Healthy Minds Ambassador program provides another option – being able to talk to a peer at work who understands the work and environment KinCare staff work in.

KinCare’s Healthy Minds Ambassadors are available during work hours to provide support to any team member in need.

If you’re looking for a supportive environment in the aged care sector, consider a role with KinCare – we look after our employees with a range of benefits and perks to promote positive wellbeing, social connections and a thriving workplace.