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Waiting for your package? KinCare can help while you wait.

Get immediate support while you wait

We understand it can be very stressful waiting for a government Home Care Package (HCP) to be assigned to you and your family, particularly when help is needed for you or your loved one to stay at home safely and happily. At KinCare, we want to do everything we can to alleviate this strain.

To help while you wait, KinCare can provide:

  • Immediate help – to fill the gap, you can purchase our services yourself. Called Private Care, this option lets you continue your daily routines and activities seamlessly knowing that help is there when you need it most.
  • Alternative options – we can help you apply for interim funding through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), to cover costs for a selection of services during your HCP wait this ensures that you get the care you need with the funding you deserve.
  • Application fast-tracking – as a valued KinCare Customer, we can request the Government reassess your funding, to try and get your home-care started sooner. We will do everything we can to get your services in place as quickly as possible.

Private Care

When help can’t wait, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to rely on your government assistance as our home care services are also available to purchase yourself. You can get the support needed right now for yourself or your loved one to continue living comfortably at home.

The very best part is – there is no waitlist. There is no need to be assessed, so you get access to this life-changing support immediately – and for as long as you decide.

With immense compassion, our experienced Home Care Workers will provide practical assistance that meets your unique needs – from a few hours of housework each week to the intensive support of medical nursing, 24/7.

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Get help with your funding

Did you know you may not have to go it alone while you wait? We can find out if you are eligible for a helpful interim package of funding available through Australia’s Commonwealth Home Support Programme. These services may not be as flexible and personalised as you need long-term, but they can provide significant help towards living at home until your Home Care Package arrives for you or your loved one.

For help from an experienced Customer Care Manager to apply for this funding, please call us today.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Our Services

How we can help you

When daily life is becoming difficult for you or your loved ones, our warm, expert Home Care Workers can help you enjoy and treasure each day. KinCare is dedicated to providing the highest quality care that works for you – whether you need practical house and garden help, support getting to social activities, or you are seeking support for a loved one’s dementia, cancer or end of life.

Listed below are some of our most popular services, available through both the Home Care Package and Private Care.  If a service you need isn’t listed, please do let us know – we want to do everything we can to support you at home.

Why KinCare?

At KinCare, we believe you deserve the best in-home support. With over 28 years’ experience and a team of professional, highly trained care workers ready to assist you, you can trust KinCare to be there when you need it. Our services are exceptionally flexible and cost-effective and there’s no joining fee.

Our experienced Customer Care Managers can help reduce your wait

Talk to us about immediate in-home care solutions. Give us a call today or make an enquiry online.

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