Kincare team member Rachel smiling

Rachel’s connection to community nursing

by KinCare — 6 August 2021

KinCare team member Rachel worked in several different careers and jobs before landing on her feet in community nursing with our Sydney team. She says the variety each shift and the appreciation and gratitude she receives from her Customers – is what makes being a KinCare Community Nurse the perfect role for her.

After re-training as a nurse following a career as a Technical Officer in a laboratory, Rachel spent several years working in a hospital and then a GP clinic. Although she enjoyed these roles, she decided she wanted to do something in the community. When she saw a KinCare advertisement calling for Community Nurses, she knew she had to apply.

“I thought the role matched my skills and what I had learnt in my training and from working in a hospital and my previous work,” she explains. “I applied and luckily I got it!”

That was nine years ago and Rachel couldn’t be happier.

“I love that you meet different customers and you learn about their life. It’s always different every day,” she says.

KinCare nurses are a vital part of our team, visiting Customers in their homes to administer medications and injections, dress wounds and provide general nursing care so they can continue to live safely and comfortably at home.

For Rachel, providing the highest quality of care to ensure her Customers are healthy and safe is her priority. She says this involves much more than just providing the correct nursing care.

Let's make a difference together

If you are looking for a career that allows you to make an incredible difference to people’s lives every day, while getting the support you need to shine, KinCare could be perfect for you.

“You need to listen and be attentive to the Customer’s needs. Look for an alert or signal about their health. It’s these things that can tell you something about their health,” Rachel explains.

“Communicating [what you see] and feeding that back to the team is important. I might be the nurse one day, but the Customer might have another nurse the next day.”

Having a team to go to for additional support has been important to Rachel and one of the reasons she is happy at KinCare.

“It’s a really good team environment. We’ve got a great team of nurses with different specialities. This does help to make your job easier. You know you can have some assistance and help and that you have colleagues to give advice and suggestions. We’ve all got different skills, knowledge and experience.”

However, for Rachel, the most satisfying aspect of being a KinCare Community Nurse is seeing her customers happy and grateful for the nursing care she provides.

“It’s inspiring when you see your customers are happy and when they show their appreciation of the things you do. I can remember one customer who went out to the ice cream truck to buy paddle-pop ice creams. He came back in and said: ‘One for you and one for me.’ I wasn’t expecting him to give me that – those are things that are special,” she recalls.

Rachel says she found the community role she was looking for with KinCare. “I wanted to work in something in the community. With KinCare, they’ve got a culture of caring for their community.”

Interested in a career at KinCare?

At KinCare, we’re passionate about helping our Customers live independently at home and achieve their goals and we are just as committed to the people in our team. If you dream of waking up excited, energised and proud of the work you do each day, now is the right time to apply to KinCare.

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