Kincare worker helping elderly customer rearrange her car boot

My job makes me feel appreciated

by KinCare — 15 February 2021

The deep gratitude Isabella receives in her job as a Home Care Worker reminds her that what she does each day truly matters.

As Isabella began her Master of Social Work, the self-described “cheerful people person” dreamt of a job that would complement her studies – and let her make a difference.

Then, one day driving her car in Kellyville, in Western Sydney, where she lives with her parents, the keen gardener and sewer noticed a KinCare car in the street. Isabella’s curiosity was sparked: she looked us up online.

“At the time, I had recently completed a community services bachelor’s degree and had work experience in youth work and the disability sector. I applied for a job as a KinCare Home Care Worker and, soon after, I was offered an interview.

“The recruiter had so much passion for KinCare – it just made me want to switch on and listen. The day after my interview, I was offered the job.”

Two years on, Isabella is still very fulfilled by her role that is “soulful and caring”; where “there is no typical day, and the Customers are lovely”.

“Older people in our community have lived amazing, unique lives and getting to have interesting conversations with our Customers and hear their stories is one of my favourite parts of the job,” she says.

For Isabella, it’s heart-warming to witness how her Customers respond to her friendly smile, when she shows up each week to help them with daily tasks so they can stay living at home. It could be a gentleman with no family living nearby, who needs help dressing and shopping for meals. Or a Customer who recently lost her partner and lights up after a friendly weekly chat with Isabella as she cleans the house.

Looking to make a difference?

A career with KinCare will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired. We are always looking for compassionate, dedicated superstars to join our expanding team and share in our success.

Regular training from the KinCare team has enabled Isabella to support Customers with more complex needs, including people with dementia and those who need support taking their medications.

“There’s always someone that can help. Getting to work as a team and meeting with other KinCare workers to share similar experiences, it’s so valuable having those connections and discussions to support our Customers.”

The job does come with important responsibilities. “Sometimes a Customer will say ‘Look, I’m having really hard time at the moment’,” says Isabella. “I know they’re counting on me and they trust me.

“When I help someone overcome a hurdle, I walk away from that service and think, ‘Wow, I achieved a good outcome and I’ve actually grown and learned from this experience’. In these moments, I’m reminded that this is such worthwhile work to be doing.”

To those considering a career with KinCare, Isabella describes the team spirit as exceptional.

“From the first time I visited a KinCare Customer in their home, I’ve felt like there is someone helpful on the end of the phone at KinCare’s headquarters, who I can call for advice,” she says.

Isabella also admires the way KinCare notices the unique qualities of every KinCare Customer – and team member.

“From the start, KinCare’s approach – wanting to care for people the way you would care for your family – really drew me in,” she says. “KinCare really pays attention to which person on the team is most suited to be matched with each of our Customers.

“This job is giving me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful Customers and have a positive impact on their lives, while feeling really supported,” she says.

“If you have a passion for helping people and want to be a caring person in the lives of KinCare’s Customers, I say go for it!”