Vision impaired elderly customer Marion smiling with her hands crossed over her chest

Marion keeps on moving!

by KinCare — 5 October 2021

When our Queensland Customer Marion noticed her sight was starting to deteriorate due to macular degeneration, she took steps to ensure it wouldn’t slow her down.

In fact, Marion hasn’t let her vision impairment take away any of the things she enjoys in life, including living comfortably and safely in her own home.

With a little help from caring and generous family members and her team of KinCare Home Care Workers, Marion has found new ways to maintain her independence, continue to enjoy her hobbies and stay fit and well.

To prepare for when her sight worsens, Marion has already made small adjustments around her home. Using gifts from family members, she’s installed a range of high-tech solutions to make some of her daily tasks easier and safer.

At KinCare we take special pride in the personal “one on one” support we provide, with an easy-to-use device alongside personal coaching in the comfort of your own home. KinCare has created, Let’s Connect, a social technology programme that supports you every step of the way.

For example, Marion has a talking watch that reminds her of the time, and a talking blood pressure monitor that allows her to check her pulse and blood pressure quickly and easily without reading a small screen. Her house is also equipped with voice control lighting, colour contrasting mats so she doesn’t trip over and raised stick-on markers to help her see stove settings and power points.

To help her stay in touch with family and friends over the internet, Marion has an extra-large sized iPad, which she also uses to watch videos on YouTube.

One of her favourite YouTube videos is ‘Top 10 Balance Exercises for Seniors’. Using large-print explanation sheets printed out by a family member, Marion follows the exercises on the videos to boost her strength and mobility. She says the exercises are so simple and easy to do at home, she’s making them a daily habit!

When she’s not exercising, Marion loves to escape into the world of books. Although her poor sight means she can no longer read many printed books, Marion now enjoys listening to free audio books that she borrows from the Vision Australia lending library.

Well done Marion for looking after your physical and mental health!