Kincare Customer Care Manager Natasha Smiling

Customer care comes first for Natasha

by KinCare — 2 September 2021

The chance to explore different roles in the supportive environment provided by KinCare nudged Natasha onto a different career pathway and she couldn’t be happier.

Natasha is KinCare’s Customer Care Manager for north west Tasmania. She started with us as a Home Care Worker almost seven years ago, returning to the workforce after having a baby. With experience in disability care, moving into aged care was a logical step for Natasha who loves building meaningful connections with her Customers. As a KinCare Customer Care Manager, Natasha’s priority is Customer care and she gets great satisfaction from knowing her Customers are grateful for the work she does.

“I love working with the Customers, identifying where there are gaps in their care and supporting them by filling those gaps,” she says.

“My role has a lot of administration, but the best part is being able to see Customers and build up that rapport with them. When you gain their trust, you can have really good conversations to make sure we’re meeting their needs.

“Customers are always so grateful for everything we do. They are not scared to show that gratitude – it just makes you feel so good some days,” she says.

Natasha moved into the role of Customer Care Manager when management offered her the chance to step up. At the time, she was working as a Home Care Worker as well as Assessor, conducting risk assessments and signing up new Commonwealth Home Support Programme customers.

She admits to being nervous about taking the opportunity but decided to accept the role knowing KinCare actively encourages career progression and provides a supportive environment in which to develop new skills.

Career Opportunities at KinCare

A career with KinCare will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired whilst offering flexibility and variety. If you’ve been looking for a career that will make a difference to people’s lives, working at KinCare could be the perfect option for you. With a huge variety of jobs available, there’s never been a better time to move towards a fulfilling career in home care.

“I was really well supported, not just by my direct manager, but also the General Manager at the time and the COO. I’ve had meetings with the COO where she’s wanted to know from our perspective what challenges we face in our roles. This is really great, because that’s not something I’ve ever experienced in other jobs,” Natasha explains.

“It’s engaging when your COO wants to listen to you and make your role better. You can actively see [management] working on different projects to change roles, make a role easier and more efficient. They are always coming out with new frameworks and tools for us to use that make our job easier, which is really nice.”

Natasha says she has always found KinCare to be a nurturing environment. Employees are encouraged to build connections with their colleagues to support each other.

“We have a fortnightly meeting with other Customer Care Managers so we can talk, bounce ideas off each other and have the opportunity to present a case. They are always looking for ways to engage and help us connect with each other and help us. They are very good at making sure that Customer Care Managers are looked after,” she says.

With her seven-year anniversary at KinCare fast approaching, Natasha feels she has the right work-life balance, while also being challenged and knowing she is making a positive difference in people’s lives.

“I would encourage others to think about working at KinCare. It’s a good environment to work in. I like the flexibility – it makes your work life balance a lot easier.”