Customer Rosanna smiling next to sewing machine and a purple pillow with patterned cat faces

A sewing surprise for Stephanie!

by KinCare — 5 September 2021

Our Customers love to show their Home Care Workers how much they appreciate their support and care. However, there are few as creative and talented as Rosanna from Western Australia, who surprised her KinCare worker, Stephanie, with a beautiful handsewn reading cushion!

Rosanna’s love for sewing started as a necessity many years ago while living in Papua New Guinea.

“I first started sewing when I went to Papua New Guinea with my grandparents when I was about 20. They were going out there to work and they took me with them to see some of the world. I started off mending my own clothes, then I started doing alterations for other people and it kind of took off from there,” she says.

Rosanna learnt to make everything from dresses to curtains, but these days she says she doesn’t always need to follow a pattern.

“Often I sit and think about what I’d like to make and then I work out in my head how I’m going to do it,” she laughs.

Rosanna says she finds sewing very relaxing and rewarding, but it’s working with beautiful fabrics that she enjoys most.

“I get a great sense of satisfaction from working out how I’m going to make something and then seeing it finished. But the thing I think I love most is fabric. It fascinates me,” she says.

“There’s one very special fabric shop near me and I can spend hours there looking at the colours and textures. I always come out with half a metre of this, a remnant of that and a lot of new ideas.”

It was spotting the cat fabric in Spotlight that gave Rosanna the idea of making a reading cushion for her Home Care Worker Stephanie.

“Stephanie has two elderly cats that she always talks about to me. As soon as I saw the cat fabric I thought this is perfect. I have one of these cushions in an Aboriginal print fabric. It’s a lovely place to sit and read so I thought Stephanie would like it.

“I kept it a secret, but while I was making it, we were shopping in Spotlight and Stephanie saw the fabric. She said how lovely it was – so I knew my cushion was going to be a success!”