KinCare customer Ralph receiving the Order of Australia medal

Ralph rewarded for his outstanding contribution

by KinCare — 23 January 2020

We were thrilled to hear that Sydney-based KinCare customer, Ralph, was awarded the Order of Australia medal recently. We spoke to him to find out all about it.

“I still don’t know who nominated me,” the 85-year-old says. “A letter just arrived one day saying I was being considered, and then a few months later I got an official letter saying I was being awarded the medal for my charity work.”

Ralph has been helping others for more than 60 years. It all started back in 1957 when he started mowing lawns to supplement his income as a fireman. He met a number of war widows and veterans who were unable to mow their lawns, or afford to pay him, so he decided to start cutting their lawns for free and helping them with other tasks.

Inspired by the experience of helping others, Ralph went on to spend time as a hospital volunteer, community radio leader and organiser of some very successful golf day fundraisers for his local Lions Club. It was his many years of selfless service to his community that caught the attention of the OAM Honours Committee.

Ralph received his award at a ceremony at Sydney’s Government House in September 2019. “I was allowed to take three guests, so I chose my son, my daughter and my youngest granddaughter,” he says of the day.

“There was a lot of protocol, from our dress code to how to address the Governor of NSW – Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC.

“After everyone had been honoured, we had photos on the lawn and then a lovely seafood lunch. It was one of the most magnificent days in my lifetime.”

Congratulations Ralph from all of us at KinCare. Your OAM is richly deserved.