Kincare Customer Mary aged 87 smiling and using her iPad sitting on her sofa at home

Mary’s iPad is keeping her connected

by KinCare — 30 March 2020

Family means everything to our Customer Mary and her husband Jack. Although getting out and about isn’t as easy for the couple these days, since learning to use an iPad, Mary, aged 87, says her family and friends are never far away.

“Every morning, I have my routine. I get up, get breakfast and get Jack organised. Then I sit and have my morning coffee and the first thing that’s in my hand is my iPad. I love it!” says Mary, who learnt to use her iPad a few years ago with support from KinCare.

“When I first got the iPad, [KinCare] set it up for us and showed us how to use it. We’ve picked up more gradually as we’ve been going along.”

After first starting with games and puzzles, Mary now uses her iPad daily to access Facebook as well as watch YouTube, NetFlix, SBS On Demand and iVIEW. Her newfound skills have opened up her social connections and enabled her and Jack to explore the music and movies they enjoyed as a young couple.

“Facebook is the first thing I usually switch on. Anything that’s going on in the family comes through Facebook. I’ve made contact with the family I left in Renton and Dumbarton [in Scotland] and their children. It has opened up a new social connection for me and I am friends with all these family members now. It’s just fantastic. The iPad brings those who are so far away into my home.”

How KinCare can help you stay connected

Knowing where to start with technology can be a bit daunting. That’s why we have designed Let’s Connect, a social technology programme that supports you every step of the way. Our Let's Connect Customers find that our Home Care Workers make learning a breeze and love being able to connect, play games and keep up to date with news from the world and loved ones.

Jack and Mary moved to Australia from Scotland as a young married couple, following Jack’s family. One after another, Mary’s family – including her parents and nine younger siblings – also followed. Today, Mary has three daughters, 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren – plus her siblings – all living close by.

“We’re one big, happy family,” she laughs.

A few years ago, Mary realised she needed a little extra help around the home and with caring for Jack, who is an amputee and uses a wheelchair. Mary was connected with Karen, a KinCare Customer Care Manager, and started accessing KinCare’s home care services.

A KinCare Worker comes every fortnight to clean the bathroom, wash the floors, vacuum and tidy. This regular service, plus the occasional spring clean and garden maintenance, helps Mary keep her home just the way she likes it.

“I try and do as much for myself as I possibly can. I want to keep on being active as long as I can. I am a fussy person. I am houseproud. I like everything in its place. The Home Care Worker does a terrific job of the bathroom. She washes the floor, vacuums. It makes a big difference,” she says.

In addition to helping around the home, KinCare has also supported Mary and Jack to get the equipment they need to be safe and comfortable in their own home.

“We’ve got the type of bed that Jack needs, a hospital bed. He’s got his wheelchair, he’s got his walker and I’ve got my walker. KinCare has done that…It’s just made life much easier,” Mary explains.

Learning to use the iPad has also made life easier and more enjoyable for Mary and Jack, who don’t go out as much as they used to. Mary, who has never used a computer throughout her lifetime, says the iPad has made her feel more independent and content.

“It’s something to look forward to. I like doing my little ritual in the morning, then making myself a cup of coffee, sitting down with my iPad. It’s a fantastic gadget. No doubt about it. I couldn’t do without it, put it that way. I really and truly love it,” she says.

“KinCare really looks after us well. Karen’s lovely, she comes and visits us every so often and I feel as though she’s one of the family. I’m very, very happy with KinCare.”

If you’re interested in learning how to use an iPad to stay connected with your family and friends, talk to your KinCare Customer Care Manager about how we can help you.