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It’s great teamwork between Christiane’s family and KinCare

by KinCare — 12 December 2019

Choosing the right type of care for your loved ones can be difficult. Someone who understands that more than most is Christiane. She’s been through the process with her adult brother Andrew, who lives with a disability, and her mother Ingrid, who receives in-home aged care services. Christiane has chosen to access in-home care and support services for her family through KinCare. We chatted with her recently to find out why she and her family are so happy with KinCare.

Why did you choose in-home care over alternatives such as residential care?

My mother’s preference was to remain in her own home. She didn’t want to go into residential care. I think any person her age (85) who has been in their home for a long time is resistant to move. Being in their own home helps them maintain the routine that they know and prevents them from being uprooted and sent somewhere that’s strange. It helps them remain content.

How easy was KinCare’s sign-up process for in-home care services?

It was very easy. The lady from KinCare who signed us up was very proactive. She reached out to us when funding became available.

The customer care and support team are very good. They were happy to come out all the way from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to chat with us about our needs and preferences so that support could be tailored to suit.

We started getting support services for Andrew through My Aged Care because the NDIS wasn’t available in our area at that time. When it did become available, the process of transferring over was seamless thanks to KinCare’s support.

Which services does your mother access through KinCare?

At the moment she gets domestic assistance, but a lot of other services like transport to and from appointments are available. Some of these things she doesn’t need yet, but if and when she does, we know we just have to contact KinCare and they could support us to get services right away.

What about your brother?

KinCare provides transport for Andrew to go to work because he has supported employment. From time to time he also requires respite care when Mum is having a medical procedure or at home recuperating. At those times someone from KinCare will come early in the morning to help Andrew get up, get showered, shave, make his breakfast, pack his lunch and then take him to his respite accommodation.

Find out how KinCare can help your loved ones remain living at home for as long as possible. Our in-home aged care services will help them maintain their independence.

How much control do you have over the services your mother and brother receive?

There’s great teamwork between our family and KinCare. They don’t push services on us. They fit in with what we need and want and work out how they can best help.

Do you feel there is transparency around the different service fees?

Yes. We get detailed invoices and are provided with a budget, which is very good. We always know what our average monthly costs are, which is very helpful. With NDIS and My Aged Care, in-home care remains within our budget.

Does KinCare help you to plan and manage the services you access?

Yes. They come out to our home and discuss when we need services, and put a schedule in place to make sure that things run smoothly.

How would you describe the KinCare team?

KinCare staff are approachable and knowledgeable. The representatives we’ve dealt with are very helpful. They visit on a regular basis and their care plans are tailored to each individual person.

Are you happy with the support workers who care for your mother and brother?

They’re all very nice people who reliably do the jobs they’ve been asked to do. KinCare tries to keep the same support team coming to you so you don’t meet a stranger every time someone comes to provide a service.

One thing I like is that Mum has people from different cultural backgrounds visiting. She has a lady from an Indian background who visits and Mum says she finds her quite fascinating to talk to.

How are the benefits of in-home care for family members like yourself?

It removes the anxiety of finding the right aged care facility and wondering whether your loved one is going to be looked after in that facility. It removes the stress of the actual move from one residence to another, or into an unfamiliar aged care facility, especially when they’re elderly and have been living in one place for a long time.

Would you recommend KinCare’s in-home care and support services to other families like yours?

Yes, absolutely. They’re all very nice people, they talk to you, you know. Very approachable and very knowledgeable, really.


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