Even heroes need a helping hand!

by KinCare — 26 September 2019

Annette, aged 94, really is a hero to the KinCare team. Annette is a fiercely independent lady and daring globetrotter. Annette is also wise and knew when to seek KinCare’s help with daily tasks that were getting too much.

Travel has always been a source of joy for Annette, 94, and she’s never been afraid to go it alone. But as she aged, Annette found her housekeeping was taking longer, leaving her tired and aching, distracting her from her great love, travel.

Annette phoned KinCare to arrange some in-home domestic support. She knew that every hour she wasn’t forced to spend recovering from mopping floors, pruning the garden and clearing cobwebs left her with more stamina and time to see our beautiful planet.

“I’ve always travelled, usually solo as my husband didn’t like flying,” she says. “I’ve been all over the world – often to places people told me I couldn’t go like Iran.”

Most recently this incredible lady booked a flight on her own to Nepal to attend the wedding of two treasured young Nepalese friends.

“I met Bijay and Laksmi in Sydney and they think of me as their grandmother,” explains Annette.

“They have been living together for two years here in Australia. For months we were trying to work out how they could get married – but they had over 100 relatives back home to invite and so the cost of doing it here in Sydney was exorbitant. It had to be Nepal.”

Annette packed her suitcase for Nepal, flying the long trip via Kuala Lumpur to touch down in vibrant, bustling Kathmandu. Once again, what made everything smooth and maximised Annette’s enjoyment was the smart choice to get help when she needed it.

“For the last three years I’ve asked for extra assistance at the airport as they are now so huge,” she says. “This is marvellous as someone helps you the whole way.”

How KinCare can help you

Whether it’s a few hours of domestic assistance each week or daily help to get you ready for the day, our tailored in-home care solutions can support you to live at home longer and have more time to enjoy the things you love.

Once in Nepal, the next fun step was to find a traditional outfit for the wedding. The morning after Annette arrived, Laksmi’s brother and girlfriend picked her up from the hotel to go dress shopping.

“It was salmon pink, covered all over with silver beads and embroidery. I didn’t recognise myself in it,” laughs Annette.

“I couldn’t understand most of it, but the beautiful pair seemed to have to walk around a fire many times repeating promises,” says Annette.

“The ceremony went on for hours, but everyone made me feel very welcome with smiles and hugs. I just stood and marvelled at the unbelievable array of colours in the saris and the glitter of the incredible jewellery worn by the ladies.”

After the ceremony, Annette attended the glittering reception party along with 500 other guests.

“I wore a sari in red and gold. It was seven metres long and I had to have someone dress me. No-one seemed to mind that their midriffs showed their spare tyres,” she laughs. “I attempted to join in the dancing – I wasn’t very successful though.”

Now back from Nepal and enjoying the comforts of home after this latest adventure, Annette is already planning her next trip to England and Portugal a few months. She loves to share her holiday plans with her KinCare Home Care Worker as they chat away during weekly domestic visits.

“I find it sad when people in their 60s say they’re too old to travel,” says Annette.

“You’re never too old – even if you just start on a cruise where everything is done for you and then, if you find somewhere you like, go back there another time.

“There’s so much to see in the world.”