KinCare Home Care Worker Abby holding a baby

Discovering the world through her work

by KinCare — 28 September 2017

Abby Gillen has been a KinCare Home Care Worker for 18 months, providing care to Customers in and around Hornsby in Sydney, NSW.

She loves the flexibility and variety of her role — and especially all the stories her customers share with her.

“I have Customers from so many different nationalities. I have never been overseas so I love to hear about their countries,” she says.

“I was shopping with my Norwegian customer the other day and she told me that blueberries and raspberries there are huge!”

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Being in close contact with our customers, Abby is very conscious of how important it is for her to remain healthy. “I’ve had my flu shot, which is very important for reducing risk. If I do catch a cold, I stay at home, have plenty of rest and drinks lots of fluid,” she says.

Just as she enjoys hearing stories from the people she works with, Abby says she likes to tell her customers what she’s been up to when she’s not at work.

“The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to just be yourself,”

“I told one Customer I recently saw Lion and loved it. It’s about a little boy that gets lost on a train in India and is then adopted by an Australian couple. I have a four-year-old so I could really relate to it,” she says.

In her spare time, Abby loves to cook meals for her family. “It’s a great time of year to make soup. It’s filling, wholesome and really good for you. I make a great vegetable and lentil soup.”

In addition to hearing about all the different countries her Customers come from, Abby loves that everyone has different advice to share with her.

“The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to just be yourself,” she says.