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Virtual Education and Information Sessions

by KinCare — 9 September 2020

KinCare’s new Virtual Education and Information Sessions offer our Customers the opportunity to learn about some important topics. Following each session, you will be able to download the information sheet below to gain valuable insights from our experienced speakers.

Resilience – Coping in isolation

Registered nurse Lisa Fuller discusses how to embrace technology to stay connected with family and friends. Create meaningful days and understand how to help limit anxiety and depression to stay resilient during isolation.

Download the information sheet

Falls and Safety in the Home

Physiotherapist Shereen Pathmanabhan & Occupational Therapist Emily Yates discuss ways to ensure safety in the home and how to help prevent falls through gentle exercises and assistive devices.

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Nutrition for Your Health and Wellbeing

Presented by Dietician and Nutritionist Michelle Cuttler, this session focusses on the importance of good nutrition for healthy ageing with a set of practical tips for eating a healthy diet.

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Understand the causes and types of incontinence and maintain dignity, independence and wellbeing though the understanding of available products and community resources. Presented by Registered Nurse Glynis Hourquebie.

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Wellness and Keeping Your Brain Active

Presented by Registered Nurse Deb Fraser, this session will give you the tools you need to help maintain cognitive thinking and boost memory. Understand the roles healthy eating and physical fitness play in supporting brain health as we age.

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Pain Management

Learn about evaluation and assessment of acute and chronic pain as well as exercises, medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and alternative treatments to assist with pain management.

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Preparing for End of Life / Future Planning

Registered Nurse Glynis Hourquebie helps you or your loved one to prepare for end of life. Understand the Advanced Health Directive, Enduring Guardianship, Enduring Power of Attorney, and updating your will to help you make informed choices.

Download the information sheet


To keep you safe at home, these services will be carried out online – this means you will be able to join each session using your tablet device or your own computer. If you would like to join but don’t have a tablet device or your own computer, speak to us and we can support you to get connected. This is an introductory offer and the sessions are currently available free to our customers and their carers.