Kincare Clinical Team Leader Uttara Smiling

Uttara thrives on variety in her role

by KinCare — 16 December 2021

Accepting a role at KinCare has allowed Uttara to move closer to her family. Professionally, it’s given her the opportunity to continue her passion for caring and supporting older people while also furthering her career.

Uttara moved from Brisbane to Sydney early in 2021. Trained as a registered nurse, she has worked in the aged care sector for many years, starting in nursing in residential aged care before taking on more responsibility in supervisor and clinical management roles. A short time before moving to Sydney, Uttara made the switch to community aged care, seeking better work life balance.

At KinCare, Uttara is our Clinical Team Leader for Greater Sydney. She manages a team of clinical staff based across Sydney, stretching north to the Central Coast and west to Bathurst and Orange. She is also responsible for a case load of Customers accessing a nursing component of a Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP) through KinCare.

“I am the point of escalation for all clinical matters across Greater Sydney and I provide clinical training for staff. I also work closely with the technical governance team to implement new processes, policies and procedures and provide feedback,” Uttara explains.

“It’s a dynamic role because I look after teams as well as a Customer load. I get insight on the Customer service area as well as team management.”

Career Opportunities at KinCare

If you’ve been looking for a career that will make a difference to people’s lives, working at KinCare could be the perfect option for you. With a huge variety of jobs available and as one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries, there’s never been a better time to move towards a fulfilling career in aged care.

Self-described as a person who “thrives under pressure”, Uttara enjoys the challenges of her role and being busy.

“I don’t really have a set routine that I can follow every day. Every day is different for me. There’s definitely multi-tasking – so that’s the most challenging part.”

For Uttara, one of the most satisfying aspects of working in community aged care is being able to help older people stay living in their own homes.

“I’m really happy to help Customers remain in their own home. I like helping them and providing that care, rather than separating them from their loved ones,” she says.

“I’m glad we are able to respect their choice of living at home and accommodate requests for them…If they are heading towards end-of-life, we still give them choice and support them.”

With ambitions to move into senior management, Uttara is learning as much as she can from the career development opportunities on offer at KinCare, and from her colleagues. She is also planning to enrol to complete a masters in health management, while juggling her busy role.

“I’ve got a great support team and great management team who support and trust my actions. I can also see a lot of opportunities for career development within the organisation,” she says.

In fact, within just three months of starting at KinCare, Uttara jumped at the chance to complete two modules of a Diploma of Leadership. She is grateful for these sorts of opportunities that will help her achieve her future career goals, while also doing good work for others.

When asked why she is happy working in community aged care, Uttara says, “we are helping Customers live in their own homes freely and independently, which is the greatest thing anyone could do.”