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Technology – Apps Explained

by KinCare — 16 January 2018

You might have heard people around you saying the phrase “there’s an app for that” or “I was playing on my app today” and wondered what they were talking about – let us explain.

App is short for ‘application’ and is a software programme that you use on your phone or another mobile device like an iPad. An app generally does one specific task, unlike accessing the internet or Google which can support a lot of different tasks.

For example, you might have an app that can teach you Spanish, or one that helps you find the nearest service station. There are so many available there is certainly one or several that might be useful to you.

Apps can be free, although some of them require a small payment with a credit card. You can also download them from App Store or Google Play Store which is likely to be installed on your mobile device.

When you go to the shop, you search for the name or genre of the app you want. If something comes up that matches your interest or search you can click on it, and press install and it will install itself onto your mobile device.

When you go to the home page of your mobile device, you will see a new square icon that represents the app you installed, click on this and you are away!

Apps can be really helpful, so we asked some of our Customers to share the ones that they are using most frequently at the moment.


Ruth from Glouster enjoys using Facebook to keep in touch with her grandchildren travelling around the world.

Why not try Facebook, create your own profile, read updates and see photos from others. It’s a great way to keep in contact with family and friends. Find out more about using Facebook here.

“I wake up to see a new photo or adventure from my grandchildren, I look forward to seeing the next update each day,” shares an enthusiastic Ruth.

Would you like to get connected online?

The Internet and Apps are great way to keep busy, entertained and connected. KinCare’s Let’s Connect programme can provide you with an iPad and internet connection, as well as help you personalise with some Apps to build your skills and confidence in the online world.


Margaret from Perth enjoys chatting to her sister overseas.

Skype means you can make a phone call but see the other person through video on your mobile device making conversations much more interactive.

“Being able to see her face, and for her to see mine brings me great happiness, and makes our conversations very enjoyable, particularly being able to see each other laughing, or showing each other books and photos,” says chatty Margaret.

Words With Friends

Joanne from Caboolture enjoys playing against friends and family overseas.

Words with Friends is a multi-player word game. If you love crosswords or scrabble then this could be the app for you, plus it is a way to interact with other community members in a safe environment.

“I have always played scrabble and do the crosswords in That’s Life magazine, but now I have a way to play for free, the game makes me feel social – and be competitive! I once won thirty games in one week!” a happy Joanne tells us.

Solitaire – Rod from Berrima has always loved playing cards and now keeps his mind active with a few games a day.

Solitaire, (in Australia we used to call it Patience) is a game one person can play. Using a traditional card deck you release and play cards into a certain position to build your foundation, then continue until all cards are used.

“I like to keep my mind active, it’s one of the ways that I keep busy and healthy. Cards is something I have always played for entertainment, when I am not playing Euchre with the neighbours, I like to play Solitaire, it also helps me sleep,” keen card player Rod shares.

TuneIn Radio

Josephine from Berkley (originally Malta) listens to music from home to reminice and relax.

TuneIn Radio is free internet radio that can be programmed to broadcast music, sports, special interest, audiobooks and more. It’s a great way to personalise audio content all in one place.

“I often felt lonely at home until KinCare showed me how to use my iPad, Sue from KinCare Let’s Connect Helpdesk installed TuneIn and some games for me and set up the iPad, so now I just press the button and Maltese Radio plays, it reminds me of home and makes me feel happy,” Josephine enthuses.

With so many apps to choose from, there is sure to be one that is just right for you, from content to games, music and more why not try and get connected today. Call 1300 702 319.