A woman is assisted to use her walker by a KinCare Home Care Worker

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Learn the warning signs of a stroke

Your wellbeing is important to us, so at KinCare, we train our staff to identify the early warning signs of a stroke.

Don’t let chronic pain keep you from enjoying life

At KinCare, we recognise that people who live with chronic pain have lives to live, and that pain shouldn’t hold anyone back. Our diverse and holistic care aims to help you continue doing what you love.

A lifetime hobby for Chris motivates him to live his life to the full, every single day

Chris, now aged in his 70s, was a young man when he first encountered an aviary full of budgerigars. It was the start of a love affair that has lasted a lifetime, bringing him endless joy and satisfaction.

Your guide to our Home Care Package services fees

This article aims to give you a better understanding of the wide range of services you receive when you access your Home Care Package through KinCare.

How to talk to your loved one about aged care

Although you may have concerns about your loved one’s health and safety, there are lots of resources to help you navigate what can be a challenging time.

Making a Power of Attorney: What you need to keep in mind

It doesn’t matter what age you are – everyone should make a Power of Attorney because you never know when you’ll need someone to help you with decision-making.

How to know when to appoint an enduring guardian

When you’re beginning your journey into aged care or supporting a loved one, understanding Enduring Guardianship can be a good place to start.