Why work with KinCare?

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Fantastic benefits

We offer our staff flexible hours to help manage family, study, spiritual, sporting or other commitments, as well as the education and training you need to achieve your career goals. All of this, plus the added bonus of a rewarding career.

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A range of career options

Our Customers live right across Australia, which means we offer career opportunities nationwide. With a strong focus on learning and development and a variety of roles available, KinCare is a place where you can grow.

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Diverse workforce

Each team member at KinCare is unique and we believe this is something to celebrate. Whatever your gender, age and background, your individual attributes make our team stronger and more effective. It’s this exceptionally positive culture that means the people who work for KinCare feel so comfortable to be themselves.

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Learning & development

KinCare has a demonstrated track record for fostering continuous learning in our team. Our team are regularly given the chance to advance their careers and attend regular training.

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Rewards and recognition

Our people do an amazing job, and we always let them know it. We recognise our staff formally on a monthly and quarterly basis and celebrate their success stories every single week. With so much passion and excellence at KinCare, there is a lot to celebrate!

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Our application process

Our application process starts with your online application. We’ll then conduct a phone interview followed by an in-person interview. Pending pre-employment checks, we’ll make a verbal offer. All KinCare staff will then complete orientation on commencement of their position.

Why choose a career in Aged Care?

Aged Care is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries and offers exciting career prospects. Read more about what makes Aged Care a rewarding career choice. If you dream of waking up excited, energised and proud of the work you do each day, now is the right time to apply to KinCare.

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