Kincare worker and elderly man gardening happily, watering the garden

Gardening offer for Customers!

by KinCare — 26 March 2021

Do you live in a small space and love gardening? Or perhaps you’re not as confident as you used to be kneeling down to tackle those pesky weeds? A raised container garden bed from Vegepod might be just the solution for you.

At KinCare, we know gardening is good for everyone’s health and wellbeing. It’s one of the healthiest hobbies you can develop. Spending time gardening benefits your physical health, boosts your mood and mental health and can improve your cognitive function. It can also be a way to connect with others, learn new skills and gain a sense of achievement as you see your garden grow.

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Vegepods to offer Customers a 10 per cent discount on orders for their raised container garden beds.

Vegepods are easy to manage contained garden beds fixed on a stand so no bending or kneeling is required. The containers, which are available in three sizes, can be used to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs. They are perfect if you have a balcony or courtyard – or if you no longer want to garden on the ground.

Try a Vegepod

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits give you the best of both worlds and now they're partnered with KinCare, providing you a 10 percent discount. Contact your KinCare Customer Care Manager for more details.

Vegepods’ unique container style makes gardening even easier because you don’t need to worry about contaminating your soil. There’s no contact with in-ground soil so you’ll always know what’s in it.

The self-watering system in-built into every Vegepod means looking after your plants is easy! Plants can last weeks without watering so if you go away, your plants will care for themselves.

Vegepods also come with a protective lid and mesh covering that can help to keep pests away and protect your thriving crop from UV and harsh weather. Covering your container garden extends your growing season and allows your vegetables to grow faster.

We can’t think of a better way to get back to enjoying the benefits of gardening – particularly for those who lack space and agility!

Contact your KinCare Customer Care Manager for more details.