Disability Support


Supporting carers to relax and recharge

Taking a break from a carer’s role can help you restore your energy, reduce stress and keep your life in balance. Whether it’s a few hours a week to run errands, or time to take a holiday, our friendly Disability Support Workers can provide help and support either at home or out and about while you and your Carer enjoy a well-earned break.

Our aim is to ensure you feel relaxed and stress-free while taking a break from your carer’s role. Whether it’s assisting your loved one with daily tasks, taking them to appointments, or spending time with them in activities they enjoy, our experienced Disability Support Workers will care for your loved one in a kind and considerate way, giving you peace of mind.

NDIS has several recognised services that can be used to support your Respite needs, talk to our experienced Customer Care Managers who can help design and plan for you.

There are three levels of respite-like supports available for funding as part of plans:

  • Level 1: 7 to 14 days per year to supporting Carer’s attend personal appointments or regular activities.
  • Level 2: 14 to 28 days per year offers the same level of Carer support and includes a supported strategy to build skills and capabilities for future independence.
  • Level 3: Equivalent of 28 days per year, This is provided to more vulnerable Carer’s, who are the primary day to day support, these Carers are offered more due to the complexity of care offered on a daily basis to ensure the best chance of recharging.

Levels of support are determined together with you and your Carer, the factors that influence levels can include the type and frequency of support and care combined with complexity, and of course consideration of you and  your Carer’s plans, goals and needs.

Higher levels of respite may be provided where there are:

  • Unstable sleep patterns
  • Invasive medical supports
  • A lot of behavioural management
  • More than one child with disability in the household
  • Other assistance actively required overnight

How it works

Getting to know you and your routine and needs is important to us. Your KinCare Customer Care Manager will work with you to understand how to get Respite services under NDIS, or discuss privately funded options with you. We will work with you and your Carer to understand any specific needs and to find a suitable team member who really fits your personality and requirements.

Depending on your individual needs, our friendly and experienced Disability Support Workers can visit on a daily basis or occasionally, several times a week or overnight, ensuring that you receive the services that most suit you.  Our tailored services can also be provided out of home under some of the NDIS service options that support respite. We will tailor our services around what you both need.

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Here are some of the ways we can help:

Short term accommodation and assistance

Assistance in living arrangements solution

Assistance with self-care overnight supporting different levels

You will be supported with:

Your own KinCare Customer Care Manager, who will get to know you and your needs

Assistance designed and tailored to suit your priorities and preferences

Fully trained KinCare team members, matched to your loved one’s needs and personality

Paying for your disability support services