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Personal Care

Look good and feel good

Being ready for the day ahead and looking good can help improve your confidence. Our friendly team can help you with everyday personal care so you feel good about your appearance and confident with how you are caring for yourself. Ensuring you maintain a high standard of personal care and how you look will also give your loved ones peace of mind about your health and wellbeing.

Daily or regular assistance with personal care such as showering and grooming or taking regular medication will ensure you look good and feel good. Our team are also experts in hoist usage and management as well as sling transfers and manual handling with assisted technologies.  We regularly manage catheter care as well as bowl and incontinence care keeping you healthy and ready to face your day.  Your needs change, and we can change with you based on what you prefer or the clinical needs that you support to manage – regardless of how simple or complex you may require.

Our aim is to ensure you are healthy and happy in your home. It’s all about you and what you need and how we can support independent and safe living whilst supporting your goals and addressing medical and clinical needs.

How it works

Getting to know you is important to us. Your KinCare Disability Customer Care Manager will spend time with you to learn about your routines and understand how you like to be cared for. We will work with you to understand the personal care and assistance you need and want, and find a suitable team member who you can really trust and feel comfortable with. Over time, we will learn how your needs change and identify areas where you may need extra assistance.

Depending on your individual needs, our friendly and experienced Disability Support Workers, Allied Health Professionals or qualified Nurses can visit on a daily basis, several times a week or every now and then to assist with a range of everyday tasks. We will tailor our services around what you need.

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Here are some of the ways we can help:

Daily assistance to get out of bed, shower and dress

Daily assistance with toileting and continence support

Continence and catheter management

Bowel care

Hoist and sling management

Help with preparing a meal

Support with eating and drinking

Peg maintenance

Help with moving around your home

Medication reminders to help you maintain your health

You will be supported with:

Your own KinCare Disability Customer Care Manager, who will get to know you and your needs

Assistance designed and tailored to suit your priorities and preferences

Fully trained KinCare team members, matched to your needs and personality

Paying for your disability support services