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Keeping you healthy inside and out

Eating a balanced diet and regular meals is an important part of both your physical and emotional wellness. At KinCare, it’s not just about meal delivery, it’s about a nutrition partnership based on your needs, likes and preferences. That’s why we focus on nutritional support, not just frozen meals.

Our skilled nutrition team will not only provide you with education to plan your weekly meals but help develop your cooking skills through one-on-one lessons. This will help you expand your recipe list and give you the confidence to cook for yourself, or entertain at home with friends and family. For people living in a shared environment, we can help you plan ahead, as well as look at creative ways to cook and share meals together.

Planning ahead and addressing nutritional needs starts with shopping. Our team will be there by your side to help you create your shopping list and support you while you shop. If you are time poor through study, or have other preferences or needs, we can also provide you with nutritionally prepared meals based on what you like, cooked at your home or delivered at a time that suits you.

Whether you need support with cooking and education in nutritional skills, or you simply prefer to have your meals prepared, KinCare can provide you with what you need and how you like it.

How it works

Getting to know you is important to us. Your KinCare Disability Customer Care Manager will spend time with you to learn about your culinary and dietary needs or preferences, and identify with you any specific medical or clinical needs to address as well as your personal needs such as mobility or time restrictions due your own personal commitments – it’s really all about what works for you.

Depending on your individual needs, our friendly and experienced Disability Support Workers and Nutritionists can visit on a regular basis or occasionally, several times a week or every now and then, we tailor our services around what you want.

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Here are some of the ways we can help:

Daily meal preparation, assistance and storage

Skill development in cooking in home or in shared environments

Preparation for entertainment and support in food management

Nutritional assessment and support

Nutritional needs management

Clinical and dietary assessments and meal planning

Meal planning, shopping list creation and shopping support including transport

Food storage support and management, assessment of food storage

Review of food preparation areas and recommendations of assisted supports

Individual support based on preferences or dietary requirements

Pet feeding and care

You will be supported with:

Your own KinCare Disability Customer Care Manager, who will get to know you, your preferences and needs

Assistance designed and tailored to suit your priorities and goals

Family and shared living support and assistance when you need it

Fully trained KinCare team members, matched to your needs and personality

Paying for your disability support services