elderly man playing chess outside on a table with kincare worker

Why being social is good for you

by KinCare — 17 January 2018

Weighing in on socialising

Summer is a great time for getting out to see friends and family and that’s important as new research says being social is as good for you as keeping a healthy weight.

“Humans are social creatures so life is more enjoyable when we are socially connected” says Alan Woodward from the support group Lifeline Research Foundation.

Staying social as you age has direct health benefits including –

  • Supporting mental health
  • Providing a sense of belonging
  • Increasing self esteem
  • Mental stimulation reducing risks of dementia
  • Improved physical health

But for some of us, socialising can get a little harder as we get older as we lose confidence in mobility, particularly driving.

So how can you become, or help someone become more social?

  1. Keep in touch online

You can email, chat face-to-face or join social groups. It’s a great way to connect with people when it’s not easy to get out.  Perhaps look at our Social Connect Programme.

  1. Schedule regular catch ups

Meeting friends regularly can really boost your mood keeping you mentally and emotionally stimulated.  Perhaps try a regular catch up for coffee at a friends place, or suggest to meet somewhere local like a local café or perhaps a cinema.  If you need help getting out and about, consider our Transport options to support you getting out and about safely and on time.

“Humans are social creatures so life is more enjoyable when we are socially connected”

  1. Consider a pet

Pets can bring you a lot of joy and companionship, not to mention pets can be a great way to meet new people with similar interests.  Dogs, cats, fish or birds – even chickens can provide you with a friend to chat to and care for.  Pets and their behaviour are generally a great conversation starter and provide a lot of entertainment.  Did you know that KinCare can help you look after a pet, taking away some of the difficulty?  Pet care is a standard part of our Domestic Assistance services.

  1. Social Support Programmes

KinCare offers a range of programmes to support your socialisation goals, whether it’s transport support to get to your favourite outing, having someone pop around for a cuppa and a chat, heading out for a fully organised and catered group outing with like minded people or helping you use technology to keep up with the grandchildren, we have a solution that would be perfect for you.

Call KinCare today to find out more about our Social Support Programmes on 1300 702 319 or read more here.