KinCare Customer Nelly sitting and threading fibres through a spinning thread machine

Nelly’s nimble fingers keep her busy

by KinCare — 6 April 2020

Over the years KinCare Customer Nelly has made over 400 toys for children in need, and she’s not stopping yet.

Rarely a day goes by without Nelly picking up a piece of thread to put the finishing touches on a toy she’s been making for a sick child. It’s something the Ermington, NSW resident has been doing for well over 40 years.

“My father was a doctor and even when I was a young woman I would make toys to give to his patients,” she says.

When her husband passed away 11 years ago, Nelly says making toys became a good way to help her pass the time.

“I needed to do something to stay busy, so I started making toys again. I sent some to the local council and some to the nearby hospital. Then about five years ago I started making toys for children going in ambulances,” she explains.

“Ambulances can be very frightening for children, but having a toy distracts them and makes them feel that maybe the ambulance person isn’t so bad – even if they have to sometimes do things that hurt.”

Although she hasn’t met any of the children she has made toys for, hospital staff and paramedics have told Nelly the gifts are gratefully received and always help their brave little patients.

Nelly’s skill for making toys came from her lifelong love of handiwork. Nelly knits, sews, crochets and uses a spinning wheel.

“My husband used to say that if I didn’t have my hands on thread for some part of the day I would be cranky – and he was right.”

Well done Nelly – keep up the amazing work!