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  • Living With Dementia

    Achieving The Best Quality of Life

    Dementia is a "progressive decline in a person's cognitive function". As Australia's population ages, an increasing number of individuals and families are affected by dementia.

    If you or someone you love is affected by dementia, seek help early. There are a variety of things you can do to prepare and improve your quality of life during this period. Maintain good health, manage memory loss with notes, prompts and reminders, establish a routine, take your time, and ask for help. A recent newsletter article about dementia offers additional tips and advice. Contact us to discuss your situation for more practical advice and support.

  • Respite for Carers

    Caring for the People You Love

    Carers are the unsung heroes of our community. They devote their time, resources and care to someone they love, often at tremendous personal sacrifice.

    Caring can be both rewarding and challenging. To sustain your ability to care for the person you love it is important to take a break and periodically have some time to maintain your relationships, care for your basic needs, and do some of the things you enjoy. Well-planned respite can reinvigorate you and be a positive experience for the person you love. Talk to us about how KinCare can tailor respite services to your circumstances.

Services for Older People and People with a Disability

Services for You

You love your garden, but its getting harder to keep the way you like it. Your home is lovely but the upkeep is becoming exhausting. A little bit of help would make a world of difference. KinCare's community care services can hep you maintain your home the way you love. You can continue to enjoy home cooked meals with friends and family in the comfortable familiarity of your home. You can continue to wake each morning in your own bed, in the security of your own house. Find out more about services for you...

What Support do You Need?

You may just need some help with the housework or preparing some meals. You may need support with getting out of bed, moving around your home, having a shower, or getting dressed and ready for your day. Maybe you need support and encouragement to get out for a walk in the park or to meet your friends at the cafe. Perhaps you need the gentle care of a nurse to assist with incontinence, medications, or treatment of wounds and ulcers. Our caring staff can provide the support you need in your own home - you don't have to go to nursing home. Talk to us about your circumstances and how we can help you achieve your goals, or read more about our home care services.

Community Partnerships

Staffing Partnerships

We specialise in managing a team of skilled and caring staff. We can partner with you to meet your staffing needs. Talk to us about how we can assist you with relief staffing or ongoing services. Maintain your quality and increase your efficiency.

Refer Services

Do you work with elderly people or people with a disability? If you need to refer a client to a community care service, you want to be sure that the client will be secure and receive high quality community care services from an organisation you can trust. KinCare is a family operated organisation committed to enhancing the quality of life of our clients. From HACC to EACH or private services, talk to us about how we can enhance quality of life for the people you support.

Special Needs

Do you have special needs associated with your culture, religion or geographic location? Are you a veteran, in financial difficulty? Homeless? or living with dementia? We have services that are specifically developed for you. Talk to us about your circumstances and we'll prepare a package of home care services for you.

Aged Care Jobs

Careers with KinCare

Get a job in one of Australia's fastest growing professions. Make a profound difference in the lives of clients. Develop your career in an industry with opportunities for growth and professional development. If you want an Aged Care Job or other employment in disability services or community services tell us about your skills and work interest. We offer roles in senior management, research, policy, health services, marketing, sales, administration and financial management. Talk to us about a career in aged care.

Aged Care Services


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