Living & Gardening

Service Description

The Living and Gardening package has been designed to assist you with maintaining your home and garden.

Home Care Worker (HCW)

Our specialised skilled support team can assist with a broad range of services to meet your needs.

Your Living and Gardening package includes:

  • 11 hours per month (5 hours per fortnight)
  • 1 hour visits (minimum)
  • Expires at the end of each month

Emergency Alarm

Call for help 24 hours a day at the press of a button.

  • Tunstall alarm, pendant or wrist
  • Includes installation and monthly monitoring costs

Spring Clean

Professional  cleaning services for your home

  • 1 visit per year, request at any time
  • Up to 3-hour visit

Lawn & Garden service

Maintaining your garden

  • Professional Gardening Service
  • 12 visits per year (1.5 hours per visit)

My Extras

Funds for individual care needs such as nursing care, allied health services, mobility aids, delivered meals etc.

  • $100 per month ($46.15 per fortnight) Unspent money carries over each month

Safety Net

Funds to be used as needed, such as more nursing care, equipment, delivered meals, continence products.

  • $43.69 per month ($20.16 per fortnight)
  • Unspent money carries over each month

Case Management and Administration

Planning your care in the most effective way possible. Includes regular check- in and 24-hour Registered Nurse support, as well as all administration and service co-ordination.

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