Your Home Care Package is ready. What now?

by KinCare — 7 November 2018

You’ve just received the letter you’ve been waiting for. That’s right – the letter to tell you that your Home Care Package has been assigned and you can now select a provider.

It’s possible you’ve been waiting for a long time to receive this news, so you may be feeling very relieved right now.

You might also be a little daunted by what to do next – which is where KinCare can help.

So that you can access the home care services you need as quickly as possible, we’ve put together a simple guide that explains the importance of your package assignment letter and what you need to do next.

Your Home Care Package is assigned letter

Why did I get it?

This letter will have been sent to you from My Aged Care to confirm that your Home Care Package has been assigned and funding is now available to you.

Sometimes people confuse this letter with the Package Approval letter; however, these letters are sent for two entirely different reasons:

  1. The Package Approval letter is sent to let you know the outcome of your assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team. It tells you when you have been approved for a Home Care Package, the level you have been approved for and that you have been placed in a national queue for your funding to be assigned to you.
  2. The Home Care Package Assigned letter is sent to let you know you have reached the top of the queue and the funding for your Home Care Package has now been allocated. You can now use your funding to get the services you need, which is great news for you.

Why is it important?

The letter stating your Package has been assigned includes the package level you have been given and a referral code to give to the provider you wish to choose.

Your letter includes the date by which you need to accept the package, select KinCare or another provider, enter into a home care agreement and start your services. You have up to 56 days to appoint a provider and start using your funding.

Your Home Care Agreement is a legal document that outlines your rights and responsibilities, how to work with your provider, what choices you have, how much you will need to contribute to the cost of your care and how much the services will cost. This agreement will be discussed and agreed between you and your chosen Home Care Provider.

If you need a bit more time to decide on your provider and sign your Home Care Agreement, you can ask My Aged Care for a 28-day extension, or KinCare can do it for you.

It’s important to know that if you don’t start using your Home Care Package within the 56-days or before the 28-day extension finishes, your funding package will expire, and you will go back onto the national waitlist.

What happens next?

At the bottom of the front page of your Home Care Package Assigned letter will be a referral code that is unique to you.

When you quote this referral code to KinCare, it allows us to login to the My Aged Care website to review your client record, which includes important information about your assessment, support plan and the funding available to you. Having this information on hand gives our team the best chance to understand and meet your unique needs.

Now that you have your funding, with your referral code handy, you can call KinCare on 1300 702 319 and arrange for one of our friendly Customer Care Managers to visit you and put together a care plan tailored to suit your individual needs.

Will the funding cover all the services I need?

The basic daily fee is set by the Government at a percentage of the single basic age pension. For all new Home Care Package customers joining KinCare after 1 July 2021, you will not be asked to pay the Basic Care Fee. We will work with you to balance your package budget so that you don’t need to contribute this amount.

Some people may be asked to pay an income-tested fee towards the cost of care. This fee is different for everyone and is based on your individual income. These fees cannot be discounted and are decided by the Department of Human Services. You may wish to have an income test now, so you know whether you may need to pay this fee.

We can support you through this process and help with the necessary paperwork.

And while it may come as a shock to discover you need to contribute, you should feel reassured that whatever the amount, it will be based on what you can afford.

What do I do if my package expires?

If your package does expire, you can call My Aged Care or KinCare to let us know if you still want a Home Care Package, and you’ll be placed back on the waiting list in the same place you were when your package expired.