When Melanie found her calling

by KinCare — 3 August 2018

A big change in her family gave Queenslander Melanie the push to stop dreaming of a more rewarding career and make her hopes a reality.

But Melanie hasn’t always had the chance to let her big heart and kind nature shine through.

After finishing school, she worked in a number of jobs that paid the bills but left her feeling unfulfilled. It was only when her first child was born that Melanie realised she needed an urgent career shake-up. She now knew that if she was going to spend all that time away from her daughter working, the job had to give her purpose and also be flexible.

“I definitely needed to find a role that would work around my new family commitments,” she explains. “I decided to look into aged care, because I love to help people and I’ve always had really good relationships with older people. I did some study, and work experience just to see if I’d like it.”

 “And when I did my work experience in aged care, it just gave me purpose. It was then I knew it was for me.”

Soon after, Melanie was offered a job in a nursing home. She learnt a lot but says it took a few more years and the opportunity to join KinCare as a Home Care Worker to find the right fit.

“When I did my work experience in aged care, it just gave me purpose. It was then I knew it was for me.”

By 2016, she had spent seven years as a frontline Home Care Worker and had so many happy memories of the Customers she got to know and help.

“Our job is about making sure our Customers feel human and not rushing them. For example, we provide our Customers with an hour for their shower service. I think it’s just amazing that we’re able to give them that time – to let their hair be blow-dried and help them with their makeup. Those things are really important.”

Consider a career in Aged Care

We are always looking for compassionate, dedicated superstars to join our expanding team and share in our success. KinCare offers flexible hours, reliable work and incentives for high performance, plus genuine career development opportunities to help you thrive in your career.

In her time with KinCare, Melanie has shown exceptional dedication, attention to detail and passion for our Customers. That is why her Manager recommended her for a promotion, with the offer of training and support to take on this new role. Melanie was excited to take on a new challenge.

As Customer Care Coordinator, Melanie works in an office and this is a big change. But she is often the first voice you hear when you call KinCare so she still feels very connected to our Customers in their homes. In fact, she is the critical first point of call for 300 Customers in her region. With her calm voice and practical approach, Melanie is just the person you’d want to be setting up your home care services, checking if you need extra help and making sure you are happy in your home.

“If one of our Home Care Workers says ‘Oh, this person’s struggling at home, they might need some help with shopping’, I then make that phone call to the Customer, speak to them about their concerns and offer that extra help. I know I am making a difference,” she says.

“I love that our Customers can be the people they want to be – and I can continue to help and support them to do that in this role.” 

“I go home every day knowing I have done something good and to me, that is really important.”