The unexpected joy of home care

by KinCare — 11 September 2019

Our Customer Care Coordinator Melanie explains how many of our Customers find their experience of in-home care completely life-changing.

It was Melanie’s caring nature and good rapport with older people that first led her to a new career in a nursing home where she felt she could make a difference to others.

But it wasn’t until she joined KinCare that she realised she could now do more – much more – to help build the confidence and independence of older people, by providing high-quality care in their homes.

“At KinCare, where I started as a Home Care Worker in 2016, it quickly became clear that the in-home services we offer are life-changing to the new Customers coming on board,” she explains.

“I would often say to a Customer who had lost their confidence at home; ‘Hey, did you know you can still do this?’ or ‘Let’s try and set a goal and achieve that’. And soon they would be saying to me, ‘Wow, thank you. You’ve helped me to stay in my home’.”

After three years with KinCare, today Melanie still gets a huge smile when a delighted Customer tells her that home care has re-opened the door to a full and thriving life they thought was gone for good.

Melanie is thrilled to be in one of those rare careers that is dynamic, stimulating and also gives her maximum flexibility for her young family

Recently returning from maternity leave after her second baby and in the role of a Customer Care Coordinator, Melanie finds her job incredibly rewarding. In this job, which she was promoted to in 2017, Melanie now organises the vast array of home care services our Customers need to flourish. She also keeps in regular touch to ensure everything runs seamlessly for them.

Melanie is thrilled to be in one of those rare careers that is dynamic, stimulating and also gives her maximum flexibility for her young family. And it’s this amazing feeling that really helps her understand what it means for our new Customers to suddenly feel so empowered again at their challenging life stage.

Melanie recalls one of her first Customers, a lovely woman who was frail and isolated. The Customer’s world opened right up when Melanie started taking her to a weekly church craft group where she made a big group of new friends. It was something she never imagined possible.

“At craft, we would knit little teddies for sick children at our local hospital,” says Melanie. “I’d then drive her to the hospital, and she could give them the teddies she’d made – that gave her great purpose.”

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However, Melanie has also seen many Customers enjoy the fruits of increased confidence in their home environment, thanks to the services they receive. A common scenario is when a Customer has become frail or been injured in a fall, and they feel scared of tackling tasks alone, like showering, cooking, or gardening. Then, they receive in-home care, and suddenly these daily routines that were bringing great physical strain and anxiety become enjoyable once again.

“In the nursing home, we had so many constraints,” explains Melanie. “For example, we had 15 minutes to give someone a shower and get them ready for the day, whereas with home care we can take as long as the Customer needs.

“I just think it’s amazing that we can give our Customers that time. To get their hair blow-dried or do their make-up… these things are really important.”

At the heart of the KinCare approach, says Melanie, is a generosity of spirit; Customers know that keeping them independent is the priority, rather than maximising efficiency and box ticking.

“Before their services start, many of our Customers aren’t even aware of how advanced in-home care can be,” says Melanie. “We can do so much in their homes. It’s not just cleaning, but also social support services, transport, a physio program – and so much more.

Our Customers choose what they want. If a Customer says they want to go for a walk in their local park, we can do that.

At the heart of the KinCare approach, says Melanie, is a generosity of spirit

“It really is the small things that mean the most and at KinCare we can give our Customers the time they deserve,” she says. “It’s about getting the chance to ask about a Customer’s family, recalling the name of their pets, or the colour of eyeshadow they wear.”

“The unforeseen happiness and comfort that home care can bring has a ripple effect,”, says Melanie, “that can touch entire families.”

“The family are great partners with us, giving us lots of background information that help us deliver the best possible service to their loved one,” she says.

“Often they have been very worried and suddenly they don’t have to be. It takes a lot of the stress off. It’s a great feeling for them and such rewarding work for us.”

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