Supporting our team to grow with us

by KinCare — 29 October 2020

Career growth is one of the top priorities applicants look for in a job. It’s certainly a reason our new Junior Customer Care Managers, Lucy and Prue, were attracted to KinCare.

When they started in our Perth National Call Centre in early 2018, both women already had ambitions of a long career with KinCare. The chance to join the Customer Care Team earlier this year, where they have a more hands-on role supporting Customers, was a natural stepping stone. Receiving training and mentoring from an experienced Customer Care Manager was the icing on the cake.

“It’s so important to have career progression for people who want it,” says Lucy, who is currently studying to be a social worker while working full time with KinCare.

“I knew I wanted to work in aged care so the KinCare call centre was a wonderful foot in the door. My intention was to work my way up so that I could be an integral part of helping people – thankfully that’s worked out for me.”

With a background in finance and insurance, moving to KinCare was a big change for Prue, but a career switch she couldn’t be happier with. After her first role with KinCare in the National Call Centre, Prue moved to the Service Delivery and Scheduling team, before landing in Customer Care in February this year.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done in my career. I’ve been so lucky with KinCare to have those opportunities to get where I am now in such a short amount of time,” she says.

“Having that level of knowledge [of KinCare] and knowing how different areas of the business work has been a huge advantage.”

Considering a career in Aged Care?

We are always looking for compassionate, dedicated superstars to join our expanding team and share in our success. KinCare offers flexible hours, reliable work and incentives for high performance, plus genuine career development opportunities to help you thrive in your career.

For both Lucy and Prue, the on-the-job case management training and mentoring they’ve received from experienced Customer Care Manager, Kathleen, has been crucial in helping them gain confidence in the new role.

“I couldn’t have gotten into this position without KinCare’s training, support and mentorship,” says Lucy.

“Having Kathleen spend that time with us and support us with meeting our first customers was wonderful. She has a wealth of knowledge and she’s very open to sharing that with us.”

Prue agrees: “I’ve always felt really supported and encouraged to learn and to develop. Having Kathleen show us the ropes has been really, really positive, as has the support from our Manager, Glenys. I don’t ever feel like there’s a silly question or there’s nothing they can’t help me with.”

For Kathleen, who works from KinCare’s Brisbane office, sharing her experience and knowledge with the new Customer Care recruits has been a rewarding way she could ensure KinCare’s Customers were getting the best service possible.

“I was excited to hear about the Junior Customer Care Manager roles, and really happy to jump in and help out,” she explains, saying she was involved in interviewing Lucy and Prue, and guiding them through the case management induction and orientation process.

“Mentoring is very rewarding because you’re able to impart some of your knowledge and skills for others to use in their own style and way. Seeing Lucy and Prue grow, and then hearing the stories on how they’ve managed certain situations, is really rewarding,” Kathleen says.

With several months as Junior Customer Care Managers now behind them, Lucy and Prue are certainly feeling more settled and confident.

“It’s such a challenging role, but I do relish it,” Lucy says. “It is exactly as I thought and hoped it would be. I feel like I’m bringing a lot of useful and good skills to the table, but learning about the different areas of aged care. I think it’s such a great area to work in. It’s really varied. Every day is different.”

Prue is content knowing she is making a difference to people who need it. “I work for a company that’s doing good things, that’s really important to me. To know I’m making a difference to Customers…makes me feel really good about what I do.”