Meet Hetal, the fresh face of home care

by KinCare — 30 October 2018

Hetal chose to embark on a new career in home care, as a Scheduler; an often-overlooked role in aged care that is calling out for fresh talent.

Earlier in his career, Hetal began his work life as a microbiologist in India, at the cutting edge of cancer and tuberculosis research. He had no idea then how far his passion for health would take him.

“Later, when I had a wife and child to support, I left my research career and homeland to pursue an opportunity in New Zealand,” he recalls. “It was in the field of workforce management and let me springboard off my medical skills. I was in a government department, helping to increase the happiness and productivity of the country’s health workers.”

Hetal developed a reputation as a great workforce planner – with strong analytical and forecasting skills, a willingness to learn and quick decision-making.

“I applied and was offered the job. It was one of the best moves of my life.”

After five years, he was headhunted by Amex and “crossed the ditch” to work in Sydney, Australia. Here, he honed his unique blend of finance, revenue and health skills, before taking other workforce planning roles with Westpac and in insurance.

But, although he loved his work, for this big-hearted man, who volunteers on weekends cooking Indian food for up to 2,000 people for charity, something was still missing.

“I had put down roots in north-west Sydney and as I would drive to work I noticed a KinCare billboard,” he recalls. “I looked at the KinCare website and saw an organisation that fit with my values. One day, a job as a Scheduler was advertised, calling for the skills I have as a workforce planner.

“I applied and was offered the job. It was one of the best moves of my life.”

Fast-forward 20 months and Hetal still loves the challenges of his job, and gets huge satisfaction helping the elderly get the high-quality care they need to stay in their homes.

Scheduling at KinCare is fast-paced. Hetal rosters and manages the constant flow of in-home care services for 500 Customers in Sydney and northern NSW.

It can at times be a complex job, he likens to a difficult puzzle or Tetris game. Customer’s all have different needs and every day is different, which requires excellent problem-solving.

You can make a difference every day

Are you are looking for a career that allows you to make an incredible difference to people’s lives every day? We are always looking for compassionate, dedicated superstars to join our team.

Hetal has seen firsthand the difference his scheduling makes. He describes meeting one Customer, a highly successful career woman in her younger years, now in a wheelchair, who thanked him for the amazing impact of KinCare’s services on her daily life. Hetal also recalls when the team helped provide high-level care to a lovely lady for three weeks, which eased the concerns of her worried daughter who was travelling overseas for a conference.

Also, at the forefront of Hetal’s mind are the Home Care Workers he assigns shifts to throughout the day via an app on their smartphone or tablet. It is so important that Hetal keeps the kilometres they travel down and gives them jobs close to home, so they can spend their time making a difference to our Customers rather than sitting in traffic.

“Keeping their mileage down also keeps our fuel costs down, so there is that business element to the job too,” he explains. “There is so much to think about as a Scheduler – it is an absolutely dynamic and changing industry.”

“If you do something good, the company rewards you for your excellent work. It is really like a big, close knit family”

Some of the many reasons Hetal always wants to “go the extra mile” for our Customers include the innovative business systems and technology at KinCare, the chances he gets to learn and then share his skills, the competitive salary and the positive workplace culture.

“Our CEO knows everybody in the team by name and the senior staff always offer encouraging words,” he says. “If you do something good, the company rewards you for your excellent work. It is really like a big, close knit family.”

Hetal never imagined that his skills could transfer across to aged care to transform lives. And with a critical shortage of schedulers for the home care sector, he urges others like him to make the leap.

“If you are getting this opportunity I would say jump in because this industry is only going to grow,” he says. “You will be inspired by the difference you get to make to people’s lives.”

If this sounds like a career you would be interested in, view our current job vacancies here. Or to get in touch with the team for more information, please email and we would love to discuss a career at KinCare with you.

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