Lola benefits from Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls Programme

by KinCare — 11 May 2018

Lola has been fiercely determined to maintain  her independence, despite numerous challenges  throughout her life. Born in Moree, Lola met her husband Charlie at 17 years of age and they married within the year.

At 24, with two young girls at home, Lola contracted the polio virus. She was admitted to hospital for three months complete bed rest. Intensive physiotherapy was needed for muscle reconditioning. Lola recalls the medical staff hurrying past her bed each day as she begged to be discharged, so she could go home to her young family.

Eventually, Lola developed sufficient muscle strength to allow her to stand upright and went home to recuperate, however the experience left her weakened throughout her life.

Recently, Lola found she experienced numerous falls throughout the year, resulting in frequent visits to Accident & Emergency. Each fall led to a further loss of confidence and slowly eroded Lola’s independence.

Eventually, Lola was admitted to hospital and referred to the Transitional Care Program. Lola received a 12 week programme of care in her own home.

To continue her ongoing recovery to independence, Lola we offered our Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls Programme.

Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls

Being confident on your feet will keep you strong and healthy, so you can stay active in your community, and live safely and independently in your own home for longer. Our team of health professionals will ensure your home is safe for you, and help you maintain your health, mobility and strength.

Intensive physiotherapy was combined with support from our occupational therapist. Some major changes were made to the family home: mats and excess furniture were removed and rails were installed; space has been created to allow Lola to move around freely with her rollator frame; a nonslip surface has been applied to the shower recess floor; the rear steps have been modified and there are now rails on either side. A key lock box and vital call alarm have also been installed to provide additional security.  Our resident physiotherapist created an exercise program with a combination of balance and strength activities .

Lola found that at the end of the programme she had regained her confidence, adopted a daily exercise program and could achieve more activities than she could before her falls.

Between them, Lola and Charlie now receive services five days per week to assist with meal preparation, housework and shopping. Lola has unlimited praise for her Home Care Workers and KinCare clinical team who provide support, having found the KinCare team to be warm, friendly, engaging, and very hard working.

Lola loves exchanging recipes and teaching her Home Care Workers how to make old-fashioned desserts, such as bread and butter pudding . Lola works in partnership with her Home Care Workers to attend to household chores. Having recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary, Lola and Charlie were pleased to report Lola’s health and mobility has improved significantly.

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