Kincare carer and elderly customer with dementia smiling around the dinner table at home

Living at home with dementia

by KinCare — 19 July 2021

A KinCare in-home care plan can give you or your loved one living with dementia the right support to continue living independently at home with improved quality of life.

KinCare offers lots of support for people living at home with dementia and their carers. Our approach is focused on improving quality of life for people living with dementia, through providing advice and guidance to help you or your loved one develop a support plan that is tailored to an individual’s needs and wants. From practical advice and help around the home, to helping Customers access memory aids or respite cover for carers, our in-home support can make a world of difference to someone living with dementia in their own home.

What KinCare services are available for people with dementia?

Practical advice and early planning: People with dementia and their carers can both benefit from early planning and support when it comes to making choices about the best care for someone living with dementia. As a specialist in aged care services, KinCare can provide advice on where to seek guidance to help you with early planning and decision-making, learning more, considering options and being prepared for change.

Domestic care: A little regular help with household chores such as cooking and cleaning can make a big difference to somebody living with dementia. Some help around the house can allow you to maintain some independence, while also improving your quality of life and wellbeing.

Healthcare services: KinCare has a team of nurses who can support you or your loved one’s healthcare needs from the comfort of home. Our nurses can visit to assist with taking medication, managing chronic conditions, referrals for allied health services and planning ahead. We also have staff specially trained in dementia care, as well as Customer Care Managers who can link you with dementia care specialists, other clinicians and resources including our dementia library, tools, books and tip sheets.

Personal care: Getting a good start on your day can help improve quality of life. KinCare’s Home Care Workers can help with showering and dressing in preparation for the day ahead. Just a few hours of personal care each week can make a real difference to a person living with dementia who may find daily tasks difficult to remember.

How KinCare can support you

With just the right amount of extra support and care, staying in your own home can mean maintaining your independence for longer. Nursing care can give you health advice now and again or longer term support, our skilled and experienced nursing team will be there for you.

Allied health services: Our multidisciplinary team of therapists will support you – or your loved one with dementia – to stay mentally and physically active while living safely at home. We can provide access to guidance and recommendations for home modifications, assist with supplying equipment and aids to promote independence and mobility, and provide resources to help with memory loss and confusion.

Support to maintain social connections: Maintaining personal connections and interests is not only rewarding but also highly therapeutic. KinCare has a range of programs and aids to assist people with dementia in maintaining connections and continuing their hobbies and interests. These include access to social and support groups, support to help people get out and about to events and activities, companionship and transport.

Respite care: If you’re a carer, taking some time to recharge can make a world of difference to you – and the person you are caring for. Organising a KinCare Home Care Worker to spend a few hours a week with your loved one, while you take a break, can be beneficial for you and your loved one with dementia. At KinCare, we will discuss your best options when it comes to respite care.

Access to dementia care specialists: We have staff specially trained in dementia care who can assist with providing coaching and assistance to help you or your loved one understand dementia behaviours of concern, triggers, communication difficulties, distraction techniques and ways to reduce anxiety and agitation. Our Customer Care Managers can also link you and your loved one to dementia care specialists and other clinicians when required.

Our team can also link family members and carers with additional support, counselling and information to help with understanding dementia and what to expect.

The first signs of dementia, such as memory loss or confusion, don’t have to mean moving out of your beloved home. Personalised support from KinCare, tailored to your needs and wants, can provide the help and assistance you and your family may need to stay living independently, while managing dementia. KinCare will work with you to help develop a quality of life care plan that is the best fit for your needs now and in the future. Contact KinCare today for support to stay living at home with dementia.