I love helping people stay in their homes

by KinCare — 23 May 2019

Physiotherapist Mark Sewell’s job is to help older people with physical challenges so they can remain living at home. He gets to do it every day – and is urging others in his profession to consider a career in home care.

For two years now, Mark has been KinCare’s only resident physiotherapist for our Queensland Customers, with professional skills that are in high demand nationwide.

Mark began his career in private practice where he focused on muscle and joint conditions. When he was asked to lead a physical therapy group for older women – an age group he hadn’t worked with much – he realised he had great rapport.

That is why in 2016, Mark was thrilled to take the leap from the private consulting room into the community for KinCare.

“There’s a culture at KinCare that is about quality services. People take pride in their own work and in the company.”

What makes physiotherapists like him so critical for KinCare Customers is that as people age, their muscles weaken, their bones become brittle, skin tears easily and they often develop balance problems. Even a seemingly minor fall can have devastating consequences for someone’s long-term mobility and confidence to stay living at home.

KinCare has responded with a university-devised Falls and Prevention Program, which Mark delivers to a growing number of our Customers, helping them with some of the typical physical challenges of an ageing body. The work involves regular leg strengthening and balance exercises and support to help people keep up their walking so they can still get out and about and don’t become isolated.

Consider a career in Aged Care

Are you looking for a unique and rewarding role that offers both autonomy and the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of older Australians? KinCare is currently seeking qualified physiotherapists to join our team.

Mark describes his job as “dynamic” – no Customer’s challenges are the same. His day might begin visiting an older person at risk of moving out of their beloved home into residential care after suffering a bad fall. He will enroll them in our Falls and Prevention Program. He might then see another Customer to prescribe exercises to help them gain physical strength to safely do their chores around the home. The next consult could be to order someone a walking aid so they can still get to their social activities.

Aside from the inspiring Customers, Mark says it’s the KinCare team that makes his job incredibly satisfying.

“There’s a culture at KinCare that is about quality services. People take pride in their own work and in the company.”

He thoroughly enjoys training our physiotherapy aides – Home Care Workers equipped with the skills to help KinCare’s Customers stay on track doing the daily exercises Mark has recommended.

“KinCare is full of good, capable people,” he says. “There’s a culture at KinCare that is about quality services. People take pride in their own work and in the company. I get great support from the office staff, which means I can focus on doing my clinical work out in the community.”

With opportunities available right now for physiotherapists to join the KinCare team, Mark is calling on qualified people to apply – those who have a genuine interest in supporting the lives of older people.

“Ultimately, if you want to work in a company that values their Customers, provides quality care and has a dynamic work day, you will find this work at KinCare very fulfilling,” he says. “You are helping people to achieve their goals to stay in their home and get to a better place in life. It’s fantastic.”