Brilliant Bet – Throwing her sticks away

We were thrilled to hear another success story from our Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls Programme.

by KinCare — 2 May 2018

Elizabeth, or Bet as she is known to her friends started the Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls Programme early December 2017 and has already seen phenomenal results.

In the four years before this, Bet had experienced some significant health challenges which had made her less confident about walking.

Bet was using a stick to walk around her home and had become increasingly nervous about walking outside in case she had a fall.  Improving her walking ability was therefore Bet’s main goal in completing the programme.

Keeping Mobile & Preventing Falls

Being confident on your feet will keep you strong and healthy, so you can stay active in your community, and live safely and independently in your own home for longer. Our team of health professionals will ensure your home is safe for you, and help you maintain your health, mobility and strength.

Mark Sewell our Physiotherapist and Bet’s wonderful team all supported Bet with her exercise programme.

Bet threw herself into the regime with tremendous enthusiasm and determination, even completing her exercises when the Physiotherapist was not scheduled to visit and the results have been dramatic.

By the end of the programme in mid January of 2018, Bet had improved so much that she no longer needed her stick whilst walking inside and her fear of falling has reduced significantly.

Bet is so strong now that she can even easily stand on each single leg for at least four seconds which is a great improvement.

We will be watching to see how Bet continues to improve.  Congratulations Bet!

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