A career move with rewards

by KinCare — 7 October 2021

You probably couldn’t get two careers further apart than outdoor education and in-home aged care. But for Alice, one of KinCare’s Team Leaders, that didn’t stop her from making a career switch.

Alice was inspired to move into in-home care because of personal experience.

“I had previously done voluntary work in aged care as a student, and have a very strong personal affection towards in-home care because of how it has helped family members,” she says.

“My grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. We had some really great in-home community care workers that would come in and assist him, primarily with meal prep and domestic assistance,” she explains.

“At the stage that he had those in-home care workers, it was such a relief. They were so positive, and he had such a great connection with them. It was a real weight lifted from all of us. It was really beneficial to him to be in his home – he had lived there for 35 years.”

Looking to make a difference?

A career with KinCare will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired whilst offering flexibility and variety. With a huge variety of jobs available, there’s never been a better time to move towards a fulfilling career in home care.

As KinCare’s Team Leader for Eastern and South Eastern Sydney, Alice manages a team of Home Care Workers, ensuring they feel valued and supported so they can deliver the highest quality of care to Customers. Ensuring KinCare retains quality home care workers is a focus in her role. To do this, Alice likes to get to know her team so they feel supported.

“I focus on what I can do to invest in the people that I manage. I think it’s really important to make people feel valued. If my team are happy and content in their roles and feel supported, they’re more likely to give the Customers the best quality service,” she says.

Commencing a new job in a completely new sector during a global pandemic wasn’t exactly the start Alice had planned. However, a team of supportive colleagues and approachable management have made Alice’s first year thoroughly enjoyable.

“I really love it. I love the collaborative approach. I like working across different departments, and I like having a holistic view of what the business actually delivers,” Alice says.

“I’m particularly enjoying the other team leaders in my region who have been the most incredible support.”

Making a career leap can be daunting, but Alice is happy she took the plunge and moved into aged care.

“It’s worth making the change. The knowledge that you’re doing something that will positively impact the quality of life for somebody else is really fulfilling.”